oh hey, it’s me. 


Fan Service Friday returns. ^_^


A cosplay that I did for a friend’s character. She’s the British Empire, and you can find some drawings of her and her lovely Historine friends over at: http://historines.f65.dk/#
Warning: That link contains MASSIVE boob art, and giantesses. =) Some kind of great stuff though.


Photographer: https://www.facebook.com/SRochellePhotography
Model: Penny Underbust


Hubs took some photos of me posing for some photographers this last weekend. Photoception? 
I really hated Inception. I kind of like how it’s name is so sullied by now being associated to any event where something occurs within itself. 

Corset is Mystic City. =)
Heels are Bordello, AND FUCKING HELL TO WEAR.


Do corsets hurt? 
How do you find clothing that fits? 


Am I a physical being that exists? Sometimes I have a hard time remembering. 

…Hourglass much?


Corset: MystiC City

Contacts: Pinkie Paradise

The wig was just a random Amazon find, sorry I don’t know the brand. =(

The boots are the best boots known to man, and you can all suck it. =D <3


Wig is from amazon
Corset is from MystiC City corsets
Contacts are from Pinkie Paradise.


I decided to dress up a bit and hit the town for a photoshoot today with my lovely husband. We were stalked by several groups of teenaged girls, and finally this adorable Japanese couple asked to take their photo with me. (the couple in the vets and Yukata.) Then as soon as they asked permission, we spent the next fifteen or so minutes posing with group after group. Most of the photos my husband snagged were too blurry to use, but I think he got some EXCELLENT ONES. =) Here they are. 

Fun day. Polite and adorable Japanese people. 


More photos from yesterday with my wine hair. =) 

Trying to create a new watermark. I suck at that sort of design work. Anyway, I&#8217;m pretty hawt. *sizzle* 

Trying to create a new watermark. I suck at that sort of design work. 
Anyway, I’m pretty hawt. *sizzle* 


My replacement corset arrived after my first Mystic City corset broke. It’s naturally as lovely as the last one. the laces are my devising though. I chose both a pink and a light blue length of rope and my husband tied the top and bottoms together using a modification of the diamond bend seen here: http://igkt.net/sm/index.php?topic=2694.msg17058#msg17058

Still breaking it in, so the gap is 3 inches.

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